Hunting Seasons and Christmas

 Looks like from here that the Hunting season and Christmas have now run into each other. Just 17 more days and Christmas will be here. Seems like only yesterday I was complaining how hot it was and heading for the NBRSA Nationals. From the looks of all the nice photos we are getting that most not only shoot competitively but also enjoy some pheasant and deer hunting mixed with some fishing and yote hunting. I must say the photos are great and keep em coming. If your like me and wait until the last day to get presents for everyone…… time is growing short.

christmas gift

Son Ryan did a Great job on the new software for the site and it went without any large hitches. We had a few problems but that was anticipated we tried to keep ahead of it. I say we…. well Ryan did most of the heavy lifting and he kept me busy doing the things that any village idiot could do to make sure I didn’t make things worse than they were. Along those same lines we are looking for suggestions and things that you think you would like added. We do this every year , but most of the time no one says anything. Now is your chance. I have not seen much activity in the “For Sale” area. We are looking for answers and suggestions on this also. I for one am lax here….. I have a ton of stuff (Junk) that could be sold but just don’t get time to put it up. I do know that what I did put up went right away. Lets hear you thoughts on this.

Another thing that comes to mind is the Political season. We are facing another Federal election. Those that live in Iowa are already experiencing it. If one should run across one of the many politicians be sure to ask about the second amendment, private ownership and your right to self protection. In the world of politically correctness most of them talk a great job but few ever back up or produce. Those of us that shoot competitively and those who hunt for sport and trap are “under the gun” so to speak.With all the shootings going on I am positive the next President is going to take a long hard look at things and if they are pro gun it sure can help. If they are Anti gun… well, look out. Your going to see some things you won’t like. Just don’t ever forget that Politicians are not as Honest as “All Star Wrestling” at least you know what to expect from the wrestling world.

In closing Ryan and myself wish each and everyone of you a Merry Christmas and Great new year. For its YOU and only you that make this site what it is. May everyone have a new s/s barrel under the tree along with a new aftermarket action. I put that tid bit in so if any wives read this they will know what to get you… surely it can’t hurt.


Published Dec 07 2007, 09:11 PM by Stan Ware

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