Remington X-Mark Pro

Remington has announced their new trigger, the X-Mark Pro.

Finding a trigger that releases clean and crisp on a factory hunting rifle is like looking for a needle in a haystack. Most factory triggers are around the 6 pound plus side.

The main reason is Liability. After getting sued numerous times the factory's are nervous and do not want the average Joe playing with their trigger and for good reason. I have seen triggers come in here that had been adjusted by the customer that were totally unsafe to use. They would either slam fire or bounce fire because of not enough engagement of the sear.


I have made it known to my customers if the gun is a Remington and the trigger has been tweaked it will be set back to factory standards and re-sealed when it goes out and all other brands will be safe also.

In fact most factory triggers especially the Remington was not designed to go lower than 3 pound pull. Once you get lower than that the sear may not return to battery and when the bolt is closed…. wham.

So, when I see the introduction of a new factory trigger it gets my attention. What I don't want to see is the throw away trigger. What I mean by that is there is NO adjustment and you get what the factory sets up as the standard and it has NO external adjustment.

Remington says that this trigger has a adjustable pull weight and has a nice clean crisp release and no creep. If all of this is true it will be a welcome addition to the Remington line.

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