Ronnie’s Coyote Hunt

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It was Sunday 6:30am the hunt was on. My first time out (this year)!! Mike Bigelow stopped by to pick me up, he let me use his 22br(my Remington 22-250 action is still in a br rig). The trusty White Truck found the first coyote not long into the hunt. Well lets just say he shouldn't have crossed the road, the 22br dropped him.

Now it was Mikes turn, down went the next one with Mikes new light 22-250 rig. Then Cory popped one, then Hoppie and his pal got one, one more for me and one more for Mike B. Next Mike D.(who really worked hard for his first one) walked 1/2 mile out in to a section then a 1/4 mile to the east, got his the first go at this coyote at about 10 ft. It took Mike D. a few shots, but he did one last long poke at him a good 300 + yds. and dumped him (the coyote).

It was my turn again and guess what? I blew a gravy 50 yd. shot. That's ok because he got to meet Mikes 22-250. Just when we were about to call it a day, Hoppie spots a pair of coyotes. One was smart and didn't show up, but the other one ran into Mike D. and his 22-250.

Well that was the daily record for us, 9 coyotes out of 11 spotted. What a day it was, we had a blast.


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