Well Randy…What do you say now?


Well, here he is.  We gross scored him at 194 and after deductions he was 190.  He is 25 wide and 20 high, has 7 scorable points on each side.  We found him in the SW corner (south of the Hoff reservior along the south fence) of the O'Brian place on thurs.  We were really lucky and saw them while we were driving along the trail at 11:30.  He was with 4 other bucks and they were moving up the bottom of the draw when Kent saw them.  We figured they were going to bed down in the head of a side draw so we waited about 30 minutes then headed after them.  I sent Kent around to top where we thought they would be and slowly went up the bottom.  Kent said he saw them at 250 yds and could just see the horns on the big buck.  One off the smaller bucks saw him so he waited until the big buck stood up.  There was about a 20 mph crosswind so he held behind the ribs a hit him in the point of his front shoulder and that was that.  Needless to say we were very happy when we walked up to him.

Hope you had a good trip back.  We really enjoyed visiting with you and Joe.  You might let Joe know that there was at least 1 big deer left.

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