Salmon Idaho HBR Match Report

Posted by: Ron Baldner

As promised, here is the Salmon, Idaho HBR Match Report for 8-23-03.  Conditions were pretty normal for Salmon. Most of the time the wind came from the Left except for when it didn’t and the mirage ran just the way one would expect except for when it didn’t. A good time was had by most all the 15 HBR shooters who came to play.

(this report was put together from digital photos I took of the match reports) (hope they are accurate)

100 Yards

1. John Porter        250-18X
2. Sam Miller          250-16X
3. Leroy Nethercott 250-15X
4. James Porter       250-14X
5. Ron Baldner        249-21X ( my highest X count ever)

200 Yards

1. John Porter         249-7X
2. Greg Swasey       248-7X
3. Al Magoon          248-6X
4. Steve Brewer       248-6X
5. Ron Weber         248-6X

100-200 Agg.

1. John Porter         499-25X (new range record)
2. Al Magoon          496-19X
3. greg Swasey        496 -19X
4. Ron Weber          495-23X
5. Sam Miller           495-22X

300 Yard

1. Ron Weber          244-3X
2. John Porter          244-2X
3. Leroy Nethercott  243-4X
4. Jim Porter            242-2X
5. R.J. Smith            241-1X

100-200-300  Agg.

1. John Porter          743-27X
2. Ron Weber          739-26X
3. Leroy Nethercott  737-28X
4. Greg Swasey        736-23X
5. Al Magoon           736-21X


I did receive my new barrel last Wed. but did not have time to get it ready for the Salmon Match.  So I just used my Good Old Broke-in Barrel. My first target at 100 was a wreck, 49-2X. My 3rd record shot leaked out at 11 oclock. It missed by just a hair. Grace, the score lady, checked it and just could not get it to reach. Then she said something that woke me up. She said there were 13 shooters in the money pot. Usually I never just drop a point at 100, if I lose one I also loss my concentration and more points go down the drain. Well, with greed as my motivator, I bore down and shot a 50-5X with not a trace of red to be seen on any X. The 3rd match was another 50-5X and that was the first time I had ever gotten 2-5X’s in one yardage. the 4th target was a 50-4X and the 10 had to be checked to be sure it was not also an X. The 5th target was a 50-5X and that gave me $39 in the money pot with 3 wins.(greed is good)

I must have let up a little in the next 2 yardages from being so jacked about my 21X’s but all in all it was a good weekend.

I called Larry last night to ask his advice concerning using the new barrel for the Nationals and he confirmed what I was thinking. 3100 rounds and a little copper on the patches does not matter if it is shooting. So the old barrel that got me here is going to the Nationals.

Hope to see you all there and you can bet a good time will be had by many. LaGrande is always a HOOT.

Ron Baldner

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