Billings Montana Match Results


Posted by: Ron Baldner 07/29/2003

A good time was had by most all in Billings this last weekend. As could be expected, this beautiful but tricky range maintained its reputation. During some of the longer range matches, as can be seen by the scores, the condition did not hold for 2 shots in a row. Even mellow Stan Hill was heard to let out a stream of less than wholesome comments during the match.  I will try to pass on the scores as best I can and then will comment on the Little Barrel That Could.

100 Yards

1. Ron Kent          250-17X
2. Ron Baldner     250-15X
3. Dave Hellekson 250-13X
4. Stan Hill            249-14X
5. Scott Carpenter  240-14X

200 Yards (short)

1. Scott Carpenter  245-7x
2. Ron Kent          245-4X
3. Stan Hill            245-1X
4. Rob Seelye       244-5X
5. Roger Schuppe 244-5X

100-200 Agg

1. Ron Kent         495-21X
2. Scott Carpenter 494-21X
3. Stan Hill           494-15X
4. Ron Baldner     493-18X
5. Roger Schuppe 493-17X

200 Yard(long)

1. Scott Carpenter  244-8X
2. Roger Schupe   244-3X
3. Ron Baldner      243-4X
4. Nels Nelson       241-1X
5. Don Mulhall       239-4X

300 Yard(long) 

1. Don Mulhall       242-4X
2. Roger Schuppe 242-1X
3. Scott Carpenter 240-6X
4. Dave Swickard  240-1X
5. Kerry Swickard 239- 3X

200-300 Agg(long)

1. Roger Schuppe 486-4X
2. Scott Carpenter 484-14X
3. Ron Baldner      481-9X
4. Don Mulhall       481-8X

Top Gun 1-2-2-4 Agg 

1. Roger Schuppe   979-21X
2. Scott Carpenter   978-35X
3. Ron Baldner       974-27X

 I compiled this report based on my memory(questionable), photos I took of some of the agg. reports and The stack of wood I brought home. If there are errors, then, there are.


It was a good weekend. The barrel held up great even though it only got 15X’s for me at the 100.(Could have been a little driver error in there too) One target at 300( we used the old 2 bull targets) had a group that measured .875″ and were all 10″s.  Because I use moly bullets, I only clean after a yardage. It takes about 8 patches of Sweet’s to get the copper out now. 2928 bullets down the tube. I still have not received my new barrel. So I guess this is the one I take to the dance.

Off to Salmon this coming weekend. Report to follow.

Ron Baldner

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