Portland Oregon Match Sept 2003

Posted by: Ron Baldner

Hi All;

When last I reported, I had just shot a 21X 100 yard match  in Salmon with my old barrel but had dropped a point so ended up with a 249-21X.(kind a like kissing your sister)

When I got  home I called Larry Cribbs for advice. I asked him what he would do prior to the Nationals with that many rounds down the tube. In a very serious voice he told me that if I messed with that barrel I should have my butt kicked. So off to LaGrande I went with the old barrel in place.


The 100 was my usual Nationals choke but did do well enough in the 200 to place in the top 20 for the 1-2 Agg. Best I ever did.( been HBRing since 1999) In the 200 Long I came in 4th and only 1 point down to the winner and first loser. 248-7X   By far the best performance ever and a person best for the 200. Finished well enough to place 8th in the 2-3 Long and 10th overall for the weekend.

I had planned to shot the last 3 yardage match of the year up in this country in Portland, Or. at the Vern Johnson Memorial Shoot last weekend.(that man designed the chamber I use 30 x 1.8) So off I went still sporting the old barrel now with 3322 round through it. Just prior to leaving, I received a Hawkeye bore scope I bought from a fellow in Wi. and looked the barrel over. There was a little fire cracking but it didn’t look to bad.

The Portland range is a great setup. The Match director-Al Crowley was very good to deal with and Tony Seneca  did a great job calling the matches.

The conditions were very switchy and only 2 of us shot a 250 @ 100 yards. Mine was a 250-21X. Best I had ever done. There were several shooters who took this as a personal affront and let it be known that they would level the playing field at 200 that afternoon. The wind came up more and the mirage ran with abandon. No mirage boards at 200 so it got a little tricky. Ended up with 245-4X and that was 3 points better than anyone else so was really pleased. One shooter had driven all the way from Montana and he was so disappointed with his performance that he packed his stuff up and went home.

The next day we shot the 300 and only 4 shooters showed up. It was not a bad day with switchy wind and mirage. Ended up with a personal best 248-4X and that  was good enough for the win by several points.

My weekend was highlighted by the fact that I shot 3 personal bests: 100=250-21X, 300=248-4X and 1,2,3 Agg=743-29X. It was also the first time I won all 3 yardages at one event. Will post the match report below or send it to Stan & Ryan.

The “OLD BARREL” now has 3472 rounds through it and wonder what I should do next.( I bet it will shoot again)

Portland, Or. Sept 2003

100 Yard

1 Ron Baldner 250-21X
2 Al Crowley 250-12x
3 Archie Flood 248-15X

200 Yard

1 Ron Baldner 245-4X
2 Larry Kahle 242-3X
3 Archie Flood 240-4X

300 Yard

1 Ron Baldner 248-4X
2 Archie Flood 246-4X
3 Al Crowley 231-0X

1-2-3 Agg

1 Ron Baldner 743-29X
2 Archie Flood 734-23X
3 Al Crowley 714-14X

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