Randy’s Deer

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Stan, this buck isn't much in the way of BIG, but he was the best buck living in my "backyard" all summer/fall – I purchased an early ML tag this year and decided to try to shoot this particular buck and save the bow tag for Mr. BIG. (which, usually equates to "eating the tag!) – there is ALWAYS a BIG one somewhere !. 

Last year, I opted out of shooting anything with the ML, because I didn't see anything better that this buck, also, I wanted to see just how the White 91 ML which I obtained from Dan Hackett would perform . . I shot this buck from 155 Yd. away (ranged following the shot), using 90 GR. of Hodgdon Triple Seven and a White 480 Gr. "maxi-type" bullet; the rig was sighted-in for point-of-aim at 100 Yd. I didn't make the world's best shot, as I held with a sliver of hair above the horizontal X-wire . . and that's just where the shot struck, breaking the spine just behind the shoulder; the deer did not move until I was within a few yard. So, though the uphill shot also caught a portion of the "on-side" lung, I opted to shoot the critter again (through the neck this time), which resulted in instantaneous termination . . . 

Based the initial shot, I wobbled a "bit high" while the cap/charge were deciding to fire . . . . a pic is attached. The brow tines are 5.5 & 6" long, while the G2s are 11.5" long – other that these characteristics, it's a pretty mediocre "basket-type" rack. Prior to this buck showing up, I had been watching four "stick-bucks" ( a.k.a. MONDO MEGA DINKS!) for nearly an hour – just minutes B4 his appearance, the four "DINKS" finally disappeared into the timber to the west,no doubt, headed for water & corn . . . This buck, opted to remain in the cover until there were only 5 minutes left on the "legal shooting-time clock (here in IA, that's 1/2 Hr. after SUNSET). Having shot a fair share of buck with bow and C-F rifles over the seasons, this was my first ML deer. Good huntin'! R.G.

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