Match Report From Pasco, Washington

Posted by: Ron Baldner
Match Report
Pasco, Wa.

The drive up to Pasco on Friday was great. Took a back road up through Walawala and saw some neat country just coming out of Winter. The weather was mellow; about 60 degrees and mild winds.

Saturday was the day of the match; the weather did change. The skies were blue and the wind at 5 A.M. was already in the 20+ mph range. It got stronger.

20110122-DSC 0667.jpg

By the time the 100 yard match started, the pin wheels on the flags looked like they would need grease zerks. The wind direction came from about 8 to 4 o’clock and had no compulsion to stay in one direction or for that matter, speed. It was a test.

There were 13 shooters including the guy who shot 22 X’s the week before in LaGrande. When the last 100 yd. Target was shot, the range and conditions only allowed 1 clean score from amongst some good shooters. The 200 was even more challenging. The winner had a 238 score. There were many shots in the red and a few found there way into adjoining bulls which as often as not ment a O score for that bull.

Steve Kozart did his usual great job of running this wind storm he referred to as a match. The target person secured the targets well enough that not one blew down during both yardages. That was an amazing feat in itself.

It was great to see familiar faces from all over the Northwest. There were shooters from Washington, Oregon, Montana and Idaho.

100 Yards

Glen Sampson 250-13X
Wallace Ruff 249-7X
Kerry Swickard 247-9X (14 year old young lady)
Ron Baldner 246-11X
John Germann 246-10X

200 Yards

1 Glen Sampson 238-3X
2 Wallace Ruff 237-3X
3 John Germann 236-2X
4 Dave Swickard 235-3X
5 Gary Noble 235-2X

100-200 Agg.

1 Glen Sampson 488-16X
2 Wallace Ruff 486-10X
3 John Germann 482-12X
4 Dave Swickard 480-8X
5 Ron Baldner 477-13X

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